July Konkani Residential Retreat

The retreat commences on Friday at 8:30am and finishes on Sunday at around 4:30pm. You are most welcome to come on Thursday evening rather than Friday morning to suit your convenience.  The three days focus on different aspects: the first day is about God’s Love and forgiveness; the second, on inner healing and the final day is about thanksgiving, therefore is it recommended that you do not arrive late.

When you come please remember to carry the following items:

·         Ben linen (Pillow covers and Duvet covers)

·         Towel and Toiletries

·         Bible, Rosary and Notebook

In regards to the fees, upon arrival, we accept cash only, for an adult (18 years and above) the prices vary from £50-£60 pounds per person. Whereas for children under the age of 18 years it is half price at £25-£30 pounds per child, and for a child under the age of five it is free.

For more information on these retreats visit the website:

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