Sanio, a Seraulim Boy, caused quite a stir when he released a twist-and-jive cover version of the Sao Joao classic by the late C. Alvares.  First, he came up with two successive hit singles Goa Mannik Udenttichem and Konkani Maimbhas and then the third, Sao Joao, that was released during the eve of the Feast of St. John The Baptist was an overnight success and ended up giving him a hat trick.

 The single went on to become an unofficial anthem for this year’s recently concluded Sao Joao celebrations. In fact, one of the Goan In Swindon team member swears that he could hear it being played at one of the barbecue parties on the 24th of June.

Sanio has earned this fame and success on his own merits unlike traditions of having a godfather or roping in a PR and marketing firm.  He attributes his laurels to an awesome musician team filled with talent and finery musical instincts and of course the resource of the internet.

In a tete-a-tete, Goan In Swindon and Sanio had a casual chat over the phone.  Here goes:

Goa In Swindon (GIS):  Tell us about your past in terms of singing and consequently the formation of your group?

Sanio: I started learning the rudiments of music at a very early age of eight under the tutelage of a renowned Bollywood violinist, Mr. Dominic Dourado who hails from the same village of Seraulim. Here, began my musical journey of constant improvisation and consistent determination towards an objective albeit under the wraps.   My first stint as a professional singer began when I moved to Dubai in 2004.  To my surprise, my public performances in local bands and one-man band (show) attracted an unexpectedly large audience in a pace that took me by surprise and with The Almighty’s Grace, there was no looking back as one good performance led to another.

GIS:  Talks us into your team of musicians as a well-knit fabric?
Sanio:  We have a well-knit team of talented musicians who also involve themselves in the pre and post production stages of a song and that includes the penning the lyrics.  The team comprises of all dedicated musicians with a passion for optimal quality. We believe that our talents are a gift from God and we are his instruments and as Saint Theresa once said: “I am a little pencil in the hands of the writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.”

GIS:  What are the strategies for the marketing of your songs?
Sanio:  To be honest, none, other than just uploading the songs on our Facebook page.  What ensued later was unbelievable as we were left spellbound at the volume of hits online that touched an astounding 105K views and 2,500 plus shares on Facebook and You Tube alone within the first three days of the song’s launch as members of the team called up each other to check on the unexpected figures.  We set down for a permutation-and-combination analysis of wondering whether it was the video or was it the pure music? Fortunately, we have not allowed this success to go to our heads and in fact, we are using it as a cue to push harder in coming up with better songs in the future.

GIS:  What are your forthcoming tracks and tours?
Sanio:  The amazing run on the internet is now converting into offers and invitations by Goans around the globe.  We are already working with our Goemkar organizers in France, Australia, and the Cayman Islands. I recently performed in California US for the Californian Goans’ Sao Joao Event and in London, UK twice in the past.  For the future, we have a few singles releases in the pipeline but our emphasis is on the upcoming launch of our first album.  So, we keep our fingers crossed till then.

GIS: What’s your advice to the Goans in the UK?
Sanio: A big Thank you. We are greatly indebted to you for the love and support given to us. I feel so glad and proud to state that we have received the maximum number of online hits from the UK. This finding is based on an analysis carried out on a global scale through the Youtube channel.

Sanio’s Team

Dexter Furtado

Nerissa Cardozo

Inacin Travasso

Aquino Azavedo.

Cannon Dsouza

A.P. Rojois Joaquim




Abdul Muttalib







For Your Listening Pleasure (The three Hit Videos)

KONKANI MAIMBHAS by Sanio  (This Video and its content is the copyright of Moon byte Studio™ 1080p ready

Goa Mannik Udenttichem, released in Dubai on Easter Sunday On  April 16, 2017, as a promotional song at the CASA DE GOA, Portugal International Convention.


The Third Single, Sao Joao – Released on 21st June 2017




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