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Renting and purchasing an apartment is a simple task as this is a well-organized sector run by reputed real estate agencies who offer a range of accommodation options.  The rates are variable and purely dependent on the location.  For example, it is much costlier to live in and around town than the suburbs.  However, the cost of accommodation is much easier on the pockets as compared to other parts of the United Kingdom.  The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment can be anywhere between 700-900 pounds a month.  The cost of owning a two-bedroom apartment through a mortgage could average between 150,000-300,000 pounds.  A sale or rent is approved only after completing a thorough verification process so everything is safe and secure for both the agency and the client.  Most of the time the payment of the utility bills are borne by the tenant.

A few letting agencies in Swindon


  National Insurance Number Registration:

The National Insurance number is a number used in the United Kingdom in the management and administration of the National Insurance or social security system.  It is like a”personal account number”.  Citizens from overseas like the EU need to acquire an NI before starting to work in the UK and must apply for a number through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).  The NI number is compulsorily asked for by your employer, the Department for Work and Pensions (which includes Jobcentre Plus and the Pension, Disability and Carers Service), your local council, if you claim Housing Benefit, or the Electoral Registration Officers (for identity verification when you register to vote), your Individual Savings Account (ISA) provider, if you open an ISA.


PhonePrivate Contact Number:

It is essential that you be in touch with your near and dear ones as well as communicate with people for help, and calling up important utility offices.  Thankfully, obtaining a sim card is convenient and a get-it-in-minutes procedure without the need for accompanying documentary proof.

· Popular mobile networks to choose – O2 and Giffgaff.

On a shoestring budget?
· Lyca and talkhome. International call tariffs are as low as half a pence per minute and a 5-pound top up could give you 1000 minutes of talk time.


registerMembership at the Local Library

Registering at the Swindon library would definitely be one of the prerequisites. Doing so will save you from a lot many difficulties than you could have ever imagined. Once a member of the library, you will be entitled to economical printouts (10 pence per page), free scanning facilities, borrowing books and browsing the internet for free. The library also conducts various self-help and awareness programs from time to time.
· Registration is free and the passport should stand well as documentary proof in acquiring membership.


The Internet:

Internet has become a part and parcel of our lives now and hence a very important tool of communication. The speed here is amazingly fast around 28.9 mbps and one can watch a live telecast online as if watching a TV broadcast.  World-renowned brands which offer this service are Virgin, Sky, and Talk Home. Subscriptions include internet facilities, a cable connection, and fixed telephone line as a bundled package and can be customised as per your needs and pockets.
Websites for Enquiry:




As part of initial requirements, there will be times when you will have to send your important documents through post. Royal mail is a vital carrier of posts, couriers, and parcels.
For more information on tariffs please follow:



Plays an important and essential role in our lives and is an essential utility. Important things you should bear in mind and steps while opening a bank account.

Popular banks here are Barclays, Lloyds, Santander, HSBC, Halifax.


Registering at the National Health Services:

Another important essential is registering yourself at the NHS. This will help facilitate attention during medical complications. Keep in mind, medications cannot be dispensed at pharmacies without the support of a prescription. The closest NHS centre in Swindon Town is at Carfax situated just adjacent to the Swindon Bus stand, a five-minute walk from the Main Town Centre.



Moving around Swindon could be accomplished in many ways but the best and cheapest option that comes to mind is a bicycle. The bicycle is in fact quite popular among the young, old and the rich and poor. The flip side of this is that it keep you fit and also helps save an extra pound. In fact, the use of a bicycle is encouraged in the United Kingdom for it being eco-friendly too.
Hiring a cab is another way of reaching your destination speedily on time.  Dial 01793701701, inform the speaker on the phone about the location you are at presently and your destination.

  • In seconds, a confirmation text appears on your screen informing you of the car number and the make of the car.
  • Your cab should arrive in a few minutes.

A popular and alternatively cheaper mode of transport. A one-way trip by bus could cost you 2 pounds to a nearby location. However, a day riders pass could be much cheaper. This pass allows you to commute to and fro to different destinations within Swindon throughout the day.

  • No conductors and the tickets are purchased from and issued by the driver itself.
  • One stop before your destination press the button closest to your seat (fitted in each stanchion of the bus)
  • HYPERLINK “”k/
  • Visit for real-time information for local bus and train timetables OR text the bus stop code (bus stop signpost or timetable case) to Traveline on 84268 to receive a text message listing the next bus times for that stop

Swindon is well connected to important towns and cities such as Bristol, Bath, Oxford, and London. Train travel is more of a luxury since it costs quite a lot and this form of transport should be used more for long distances rather than short distances.

  • Details on destinations, tariffs, and timings go to
  • If you regularly travel by train and bus then check

By Flight:

There is no airport in Swindon so Heathrow (London) is the airport of choice when travelling internationally. Popular websites for flight and price information are:



Shopping-48Food & Shopping:

Shopping for groceries is not a tedious chore having to move from one place to another, in fact, it can all be done under one roof.  Famous supermarket brands which operate in Swindon are The Cooperative, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys, and Aldi.

Handy Tip:   Indian shops at Broad street and Manchester Road runned by Pakistanis are quite popular among the Goan community who visit them for their meat, fish, poultry, and grocery needs.


Dining In A Restaurant:

People of different races and nationalities live here and it is natural that you find restaurants serving different cuisines of the world. Chinese, Italian, Thai, Brazilian, American and so on. There are a few restaurants which actually allow you a buffet per head for just around 7 to 10 pounds. Some of the popular restaurants in Swindon which serve buffet meals are Rustico, the Banquets, Chennai Dosa, Mela, Khyber, Jewel in the Crown. where there are Chinese Restaurants of such c and of course the recently opened Chennai Dosa.

Shopping Landmarks:

  • The Swindon Town centre:  Home to malls, supermarkets, restaurants, fast food joints, banks, commercial houses and houses many of the big brands in the United Kingdom like Mark and Spencers, Debenhamms, Peacock, New Look, House of Frasers, Primark, Poundland, 99p etc.
  • Swindon Designer Outlet:  The mall is situated at Swindon’s old railway station converted into a shopping mall. Adjacent to the mall is the Steam museum.
  • Greenbridge Retail Park:  A few kilometres from the Swindon town centre is home to designer outlets, shopping centres, restaurants, and a multiplex.
  • Asda Walmart Swindon:  Another famous shopping centre in Swindon is the Asda Walmart shopping complex situated in West Swindon.



Holy Rood Church
Here, a sizable chunk of the religious attendees at this church are Goans. Masses are held regularly in the morning. For more details regarding mass timings and other services please refer the Holy Rood Church’s website:


Important Titbits:

  • Follow the traffic rules with caution. There are surveillance cameras installed at different places. When wanting to cross the road you should do so at crossing points.
  • Remember to fasten your seatbelts while in the car or you could find a challan at your doorstep the very next day.
  • Maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance and so wastes should be dumped in waste bins placed at different locations in the town.
  • Do not speak in your mother tongue in public places or at your place of work.  This forms part of bad etiquette and a barrier to communication as well.
  • Try as much possible not to wander around on your own especially in the late evenings.
  • Try to maintain excellent etiquette and hygiene in public. A smile and greeting even in public places will help a lot.
  • Maintain hygiene. Do not litter in public places make use of bins installed at various points in town.
  • Keep your home surroundings neat and tidy.



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